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All you need to have your deer aged is to send us the two center, front-most teeth from your trophy’s lower jaw with the root in tact. We will take care of the rest! Simply click your province below to begin!

Exporting teeth


Each province has its own regulations for exporting teeth for testing. We are working hard to find easier ways for Canadians to use our service. Please read all export rules for your province and be sure you understand them. We have provided the instructions to the best of our knowledge.




What is Cementum Annuli aging?

Cementum annuli aging is a unique type of science in which the layers of cementum that deposited onto the roots of mammal teeth annually is analyzed under a microscope. These rings are then counted just like aging a tree. The process is highly specialized and involves multiple chemicals, skilled technicians and experienced eyes to determine the exact age of your game animals. The image below depicts what is seen under the microscope when we age your game.

How does cementum-annuli compare to that of eruption-wear?

The molar wear technique of aging involves visualizing the teeth to see how worn they are, which is highly inaccurate due to the variation in wear based on an animals dietary habits. Cementum on the other hand is deposited annually regardless of an animals diet. The rings form on the roots well below the jaw line and protected from the elements. Wear aging has an accuracy rate of 46% whereas cementum annuli aging ranges from 85-98% in accuracy making it the most accurate method for aging period.

Can you tell me the age if I have only one of the incisors?

Yes. We ask for the second incisor as backup, in case something happens to the first incisor during processing. Also, If there is a significant difference between what we see under the microscope and the other data you have provided (including estimated age), we process the second incisor, this time taking 4 slices for analysis. We then give you the results based on what we see on these slides. So, if you only have one incisor, send it to us and we should be able to the age for you.

How do I prepare and send in my teeth?

When you complete your order form a kit will be mailed out to you with the appropriate packaging and shipping information. In the meantime if you remove the lower incisors keep the teeth in a paper envelope to dry the out. You can also keep them in the freezer if they start to smell.

Why do you ask for an age estimate?

This is a system of checks and balances. We age all of the slides blind then compare our result to your estimate prior to reporting. If there is a major difference we decide whether or not to repeat the test in case of an error.

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